There are many tricks you know or don’t know about the Internet but I telling about the 10 Tricks Must Try On Internet using your PC and android mobile:-

10. How to Download Videos on YouTube?


save videos

Today’s world everybody likes to watch videos on YouTube but don’t know how to download the video on PC and so to download the video you have to write only ss just after the WWW. in the URL of the video. After that a new websites open named as open in the same tab than choose your quality of the video after that click on download the video. The video start Downloading.

For any Android phone, Download the app named as Vidmate or TubeMate on your android phone. Search for your video in the search menu after that click on download option. The video start Downloading.

9. How to play Games on PC with Google?


play game

You can play many games on your Google window easily but you only need to play time pass game on Google window. You just click on your Google Search and write Pacman, Snake game on the Google Window easily. This game was not a high graphic games but it is used to get some time pass in the boring time.

8. How to get the mirror Image of Google?



To get this enabled on your PC or Android phone. You just have Search for elgoog than Google mirror is enabled and to get normal search for Google.

7. How to check your mobile location on your PC?


mobile location

Check your mobile location on your PC. You just have to be log in with the same Gmail ID on your phone and PC. Than search for where is my phone on your PC. After this step chooses your phone in which you must know the address.

6. How to open your last closed tabs on your search engine?

Many of them don’t know how to open last closed tab on your PC. So, you have to hold only ctrl+shift+t after this your last open tab was re-opened.

5. How to open Incognito window browser?


incognito window

Incognito window does not show up browsing history. To open Incognito window Holds ctrl+shift+n.

4. How to get Google used in any year?


these are 10 tricks must try on internet

To know this what type of Google look like in early year. You just have to search on the Google for the Google in _____. This blank space was replaced by year in which you want to know Google look like.

3. How to play any music, video on browser?

Play any music and video on your browser. You just have dragged your file to your browser symbol than the file start playing.

2. How to apply automatically coupon code on any websites?



Everyone wants to get some discounts on every purchase. You just use joinhoney for the extra discount on every purchase.

  1. How to get exact time of sunrise and sunset?

Google tell the exact time of sunrise and sunset on internet. You just search for the exact time for sunrise and sunset.

These are my 10 tricks that must try on internet that will help in your future. Check more here.