People are happy with the latest update of IOS 10 and this update contains many features. The latest update contains the feature to set vibration on the particular contact. This feature helps you to check out important calls on the silent mode. The feature is so useful and helpful for the user of the IOS. There are many other important feature in the IOS 10 that is took place in my next article.

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There is nothing new for the iPhone user and this feature took place in the previous IOS that is IOS 9. There is little bit change in the vibration pattern of contact of IOS 10 as compared to IOS 9.

Take A Quick Look On How To Change Vibration Setting On the IPhone For The Contacts

The process for change vibration for all contacts is same as the previous version that is IOS 9. Firstly go to the Setting of the iPhone than select Sounds after you will see an option of ringtone, Select the ringtone option and then Vibrations.

Step 1: Go To Settings

Step 2: Select Sounds

Step 3: Select Ringtone

Step4: Select Vibration


This process take place for all contact and vibration takes place on the iPhone. But there is bit change to vibration for each contact. Let’s talk about this:-


  • Select Contact Tab after launching the app.
  • Select the contact that you want to change vibration pattern on an incoming call.
  • Select Ringtone and tap on Vibration
  • Select the Viration pattern as you desire and tap on Ringtone at the left top corner.
  • Select Done at right top corner to save the change and one more time at the right top to save the changes for the particular contact.

Now , Enjoy with your iPhone and your setting will done.