Many one knows that calculator is used for doing arithmetic operation or performing many other operations but now you can used calculator as vaults in android devices. Many things calculator does not used as vaults but this is 20th century and now everything is possible so, I am telling about “How you use calculator as vault in android Smartphone”. If you store files in calculator than no one knows whether you store any files or other multimedia stuffs such as song and video that can be easily hide in the vault. Many used vaults but vault can be easily crack down or unlock with little tricks. If you store files in calculator than no one think about that calculator can be used as vault. Let’s start the tour of How to hide files with calculator:-


There is app named as Calculator Vault that is easily available on Google Playstore and download the apps. I prefer this app because the app contains 1 million along with 4.5 rating out of 5.0 that is very good for the app on the Playstore. I thinks a calculator vault is better than the vault because vault can be crack down but no know calculator as vault. The process is very simple and easy to apply and I am telling this step by steps:

Step 1: Open Playstore and Search for Calculator vault

Step 2: Install the Calculator Vault

Step 3: Open the Calculator vault and set the PIN

Step 4: It ask for recovery option than put any things that you always remember


Follow this step than put your pin on the Calculator to store the different types of files on the Smartphone but those files you store in the calculator vault that apps is totally hide from the Smartphone. If you want that calculator vault work as calculator than no worry because the calculator by default it is used as Calculator. For more information than go to my youtube Channel.