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You can increase your mobile apps icons easily by the apps named as GigantIcon. This app is easily available on the Google Playstore and it is free of cost. The app can be easily downloaded on any android Smartphone with the Playstore. The app contains very little memory space as compare to other apps and the memory space contain by this apps is only 800KB. The app contains not so good rating on the Playstore that is 3.8 out of 5. I don’t know why this app contains such bad rating on the Google Playstore. The app is download from the Google Playstore is very easy and now I tell how to increase the size of the apps.


Giganticon widgetsGiganticon

Now, you have the download the app and you don’t need to open the app because it does not contain any option so you have to go to the Mobile Widgets and search for GigantIcon widgets. After this step, when you got the GigantIcon widgets than long press on the widget so to put the app on your home screen or any desktop page. After the step, wait for second than a new window open in which you have to choose the app which you want to increase the size of the app on the Shortcut page. Now the size of the app is increase on the Smartphone. If you don’t understand the steps and now check out the steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the App GigantIcon from the Google Playstore

Step 2: Don’t open the app and go to the Smartphone widgets.

Step 3: Search for GigantIcon Widgets

Step 4: Long press on the Widgets to put the widgets on the Smartphone screen.

Step 5: Wait for second and a new window till new window is open.

Step 6: A list of app is appear in the window and choose the app which you want to increase the size.

Step7: Customize the size of the app according to your requirement.


giganticon after

You must like the trick and for the video supports on the app. Please check my channel.