There are many people that use ant-VR handset in daily life but you never think that you can use your ant-VR handset to play the high graphics games. These games become popular and made an impact on gaming consoles. Every wants to feel the environment of games and become the character on which they plays like the character. This is possible in today world but you need to have ant-VR handset.



Let’s look up the ant-VR handset. Ant-VR is the device which makes the virtual environment and makes the person feels that the person was present in the environment but actually environment was not present in real world. VR stands for virtual reality mean there is the imaginary or artificial world made by the machine but the environment have no existence in the real world. Ant VR is actually is the devices which have two different lens for the eyes and elastic bands which take place on person.

Now, the main thing that what games in which the ant-VR handset compatible supports and plays games with the environment.


Ubisoft launches the game STAR TREK: BRIDGE CREW is the multiplayer space adventure game that is developed by Red Storm. It runs on the Microsoft Windows and Play Station 4.In this game, there are many player connected to each with their LAN and plays, interact and talk to each other and makes the game perfect for the groups. Gamer must wait a little bit more for the games because it was delayed for 2017. There are some thing missing in the game so it is delayed.

Star Trek is the America series in which they make space adventures but in present movies are also available and game ready to make big impact with his great graphics and ant-VR supports. There are many games was launched before the Star Trek: Bridge Crew and so the games expects some good response on this games. In the game, the gamer plays the character of one of the teammates of the team of fraction.