Sometimes it is urgent to call the friend or any colleagues but there was balance or any internet connection was not available in the phone so the problem is that how to call any friend. The problem has the solution that the phone must contain the app called Bluetooth Walkie Talkie.  The app required doesn’t require any internet connection for the calling. It required Bluetooth compatible phone along with Android Operating System.



The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie does not require any internet connection and no money required for calling to any person. The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie was easily available on Google Play Store  so download it and keep saving money and talk any friend easily without any tension of talktime.


screen shot

After download the app from play store than open the app after that you watch the wifi and refresh button. After this install the app to your friend to whom you want to talk than open the app once again in your phone than click on the wifi and refresh button. After that you watch the entire device which was active Bluetooth after that click on your friend Bluetooth device that was shown on your mobile screen. After ringing on your friend device the device become red on your screen and when call receive than screen become green than talk your with no balance or any internet connection.


screen shot of last look of device

This app works properly within the range of 100 meter and beyond the range the app does not works properly on any devices. The app gives you unlimited calling with your friends that lives near to your house. And in the hostel, you can call your girlfriend who talks non-stop many hours.

This app saves a lot of money and utilizes the money for other purpose and for more such types of information, Check out.

You can download the app easily by click here.