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In 2017, Apple rolled out its one of the biggest update of their operating system. The Apple rolled out the all new IOS 11 this year which comes with lot of new amazing features and things to do. One of the most important thing of this IOs 11 is that it gives the customers the sense of freedom to customize their Iphones. Earlier Apple was only limited to its ecosystem and due to this the uses were not having the freedom to customize things on their Iphone. But now the Apple has finally given an update which is quite easy to modify and customize. So, today we will be talking about the top 5 amazing features of OS 11 like how to change vibration on iphone and many more. So, let’s get into its features:

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Customize panel

  • Customize control panel: Now you can easily customize your smartphone’s control panel. Earlier there were no options to modify the control panel but now users can easily customize their control panel according to their needs and requirements. Even the control panel looks more appealing and modern in nature.


Iphone Dark Mode
Iphone Dark Mode
  • Dark mode: Now you can run your Iphone in dark mode. Earlier this option was only available on Android devices but now you can also use this feature in Iphone. You can easily enable the dark mode in Apple Iphone and the dark mode looks more appealing and the screen looks more easy to use.


Track your Flight
Track your Flight
  • Track your flight: Now you can easily track your flight using your Safari browser. Simply you should know the flight number of flight and then you have to paste that number directly into your Safari web. As you paste your number on the browser, it will show every details about the flight its arriving time, departure time and many more details.


Edit live photo

  • Edit live photos: Now you can easily edit your live photos in Iphone. Earlier there was no such option available for the iphone users. You can now crop your live photos you can also edit colors on it even you can put effects on your live photos. So, there are bunch of options available for you to make your live photos better.

Scan Your note using iphone

  • Scan your notes and documents: Now it’s easy for Iphone users to scan documents and notes through your phone only. You simply have to take photo of the document that you want to scan and your phone will automatically remove the unwanted part of the document and it will provide you with the document that is only needed by the users.