Android Oreo is the eighth version of android series. Android is the operating system that is very popular and very easy to operate on Smartphone. It is widely used operating system because of efficiency and powerful performance. The main feature of the Android Operating System is that it contains alot of application that is available at Google Playstore at free of cost. Let talk about the latest android version that is Android Oreo Features:-

Boost Your Phone


Android Oreo contains the 50% boost to your Smartphone because it is tested on Google Pixel and the booting of the Smartphone is increase with the time. The Smartphone does not take alot of time to be booted up. Hence, The booting time of the Smartphone is reduced by 50% and the performance of the Smartphone is also increased.

Take control your Background Apps

The  Android Oreo must take care of your Task manager or it is said to be the background apps that take alot of your Smartphone battery life. Android Oreo take control of background apps and increases your battery life.


The Android Oreo must have the features of AUTOFILL or it is said to be the apps that is used by your Smartphone that makes the account of any social sites must save your username and password in the Smartphone. This is good because many people forgets their password and username so there is no worry of forgetting your password and username because it is saved in your Smartphone.

Picture to Picture

There is multi display option available in this Android that means you can minimize your video or apps and other things can be done in your phone while playing any video or video chats on your Smartphone. This is not new because Samsung gives this feature in Samsung Grand 2 that means this is old feature.



You check your Smartphone notification only by putting your finger and pressed till the notification was not shown on the display. This is little bit new for android because by pressing you get the notification on the display of the Smartphone as well as it also notified on the top of the display. The dot tells you that notification on your Smartphone.

The setting menu is also very simplified and performance also increased on your Smartphone. You can change your icons shape easily. There is alot of changes but I telling some of the important one. The update may come within some time because the Android Oreo update come in Nexus Smartphone.